Union Studio is committed to using ethically sourced products, diverting harmful waste from the watershed, and reducing our carbon footprint; in partnership with Peterborough Greenup and promoting "shop local" in our daily lives.
Save one of earth’s most precious resources – water.
ECOHEADS didn’t stop there. The professional-grade showerhead not only saves water and energy by restricting water flow, it is the only spray nozzle that also increases pressure and therefore, reduces rinse times and resource consumption.
Believing in a better world and striving for a responsible beauty.
RICA is a 100% vegan, ethical, green; responsible beauty line for your hair and scalp. 
Their manufacturing plant is carbon neutral and all their packaging is made from recycled materials. It's recyclable and is actually created using fewer materials, further reducing our carbon footprint.
To inspire and empower environmentally healthy and sustainable action in our community. 
Green Economy Peterborough is an exciting new program from GreenUP that will help local businesses and organizations emerge more resilient while becoming leaders in Canada’s transition to a low-carbon future. Their vision is an environmentally healthy and sustainable community.

The Beauty Industry creates 877 pounds of waste every single minute.Our mission is to change that. Green Circle Salons waste management empowers salons to recover up to 95% of their beauty waste. That includes previously unrecoverable materials and hard to recycle items like hair clippings, foils, excess hair colour, aerosol cans, colour tubes, spa waste and PPE.